RiskNZ AGM 2017

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Bio of Nigel Toms


Nigel is the Corporate Risk Manager for Watercare Services Limited, the sole provider of water and wastewater services to 1.4 million Aucklanders. The requirements of the role include Enterprise and Project Risk Management, Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Preparedness, Incident Controller and the organisations Insurance Program.

He served as member and subsequently Deputy Chair of the RiskNZ Management Board for five years until 2016.  During this period he led the Continuing Professional Development and Relationship workstreams covering lunchtime presentations, future training options and agreements for sharing of professional knowledge with other organisations.  

 In his time as a member of RiskNZ he has presented at a RiskNZ lunchtime seminar and conference. He also represented RiskNZ in the group assembled by Skills NZ which culminated in the new NZQA level four and six qualifications in Organisational Risk and Compliance.

 Nigel’s interests include using his knowledge of risk management qualifications to identify training programmes and education standards that benefit, not only our current practitioners, but also serve to nurture the next generation of risk management leaders. This includes leveraging tangible benefits from aligned professional bodies.

From late 2015 he has led the Watercare and Water Authority of Fiji liaison programme sponsored by Local Government New Zealand and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade which enables the building of professional relationships between these organisations and sharing of knowledge and experiences. The first work completed with Water Authority of Fiji was to assist in the development of an understanding of key organisational risks.

In 2016 the risk work undertaken by Watercare, which included the development of a new approach to Enterprise Risks and cooperative risk approach when delivering projects, was recognised with the RiskNZ award for Excellence in Building Risk Management Capability.

Nigel’s previous experience includes strategic financial and risk roles in Infrastructure, Utilities, Manufacturing, Logistics and Ordnance and Munitions.

Nigel is a Certified Member of the UK Institute of Risk Management and a Chartered Management Accountant and holds a Master of Science Degree in Corporate Governance.

Notice of Meeting Notice is given that the 2017 Annual General Meeting of RiskNZ will be held on Wednesday 31 May, commencing at 5.30pm.



1. Opening Remarks – RiskNZ Chair

2. Guest Speaker Tony Teeling has extensive experience across all aspects of rural fire management, and has developed specialisation in fire research as it relates to fire behaviour, and social impacts. His current endeavours are around ensuring that science research is integrated and applied at the working end of the rural fire sector. Tony’s presentation is particularly salient in the wake of the recent Port Hills firestorm.

3. Roll call and accreditation of voting members

4. Presentation of 2017 annual report and audited financial statements

5. Approval of 2017/18 business plan and budget

6. Fixing of membership fees It is proposed to increase the members’ fees for 2017/18 to $220.00 (GST incl) for individual members and $764.75 (GST incl) for corporate members. As can be seen in the table below this is consistent with the practice over the last few years. However, to make sure the increase is small we have removed the early payment discount. Year Individual Corporate GST excl GST incl GST excl GST incl 2017/18 191.30 220.00 665.00 764.75 2016/17 173.91 200.00 630.43 725.00 2015/16 173.91 200.00 630.43 725.00 2014/15 165.22 190.00 550.00 632.50 2013/14 140.00 161.00 500.00 575.00 Fees for 2018/19 - Subject to RiskNZ achieving its budgeted financial performance for 2017/18, it is proposed to keep the fees at the same level as the proposed level for 2017/18. To enable invoices to be sent out at the beginning of the 2018/19 financial year (1 April 2018) it is proposed that the fees for 2018/19 be agreed at this AGM.

7. Board recommended strategic initiatives

i. The Board will work with the membership to establish a working party to develop and consult a new constitution: the review will encompass an organisational review including approaches to governance and management.

ii. The Board will develop further its proposal for the implementation of online / electronic voting.

8. Appointment of an Auditor The Board proposes that TFS Chartered Accountants be reappointed as Auditors for the 2017/18 year.

9. Consideration of Notices of Motion or Remits for which due notice has been given

Notice of Motion 1: (Moved by the RiskNZ Board) Proposal for implementation of a professional recognition scheme enabling members to use RiskNZ styled Post-Nominals.

Notice of Motion 2: (proposed Steve Vaughan, seconded David Dunsheath) Process for further consideration of the possible introduction of a scheme for RiskNZ to issue post-nominals as a means of an individual demonstrating technical and professional competency in risk management.

Notice of Motion 3: (proposed Mike Wood, seconded Chris Peace) Governance Code of Conduct

Notice of Motion 4: (proposed Roger Estall, seconded David Dunsheath)

Amendments to Constitution and Rules.


Tim Jago

Executive Officer