Christchurch - Risk Standards workshops

Thursday 18 March 2021
9am – 12pm | 12:30 – 1:30pm | 2 – 4:00pm

Advisian and RiskNZ, supported by the Canterbury Safety Charter, bring you 3 workshops in one day!

Standards Australia and New Zealand have recently launched two new publications to help organisations better manage risk:

  • AS/NZS 5050: Managing Disruption Related Risk (2020) – interim standard
  • AS HB 436.1 Risk management guidelines – Companion to AS ISO 31000:2018, Part 1: Boards and Executives handbook


RiskNZ and Advisian are delighted to launch a risk workshop series for 2021.  In this series, there are 2 workshops designed to help strengthen organisational resilience.  Workshop 1 supports risk practitioners develop better practice around managing disruption related risk.  Workshop 2 is aimed at senior executives and board directors helps strengthens the effective understanding and governance of a portfolio of risk responsibilities.


Date: Thursday 18 March 2021
Time: 9:00am – 12pm | 12:30 – 1:30pm | 2.00 – 4:000pm
Venue: Westpac The Terrace, Level 4 81 Cashel St, Christchurch
Ticket pricing: RiskNZ members $275 ex / Non-members $350 ex per workshop
Risk NZ members $400 ex / Non-members $520 ex * both workshops *
(includes 3 months RiskNZ membership)


Workshop 1 | Managing Disruption Related Risk Workshop Free Workshop | Reduced OPEX Risk Management Costs with Safe and Sustainable Design.Workshop 2 | Risk Management Guideline for Top Management
9:00am - 12:00pm12:30 – 1:30pm2:00 – 4:00pm
In 2019 were you ready for the surprises of 2020? Let’s not get caught short again as RiskNZ and Advisian help you plan to manage disruption related risk in your business or organisation.

The AS/NZS5050:2020 Managing Disruption Related Risk workshop focuses on the recently released standard, and takes you through processes to detect early indicators of disruption, identify opportunities that can be generated from disruptions, and enhance your organisation’s ability to weather and prosper from the changes disruption creates.

AS/NZS 5050 is a tool to help prepare for, and to take advantage of disruptions. This workshop is mainly targeted at risk practitioners, operations managers, small business owners, and anyone wanting to increase business as usual resilience; this 3 hour workshop walks through the;

- relationship between uncertainty and resilience,
- impacts of disruption,
- forecasting with purpose,
- changing possible impacts into practical opportunities,
- integration with BAU risk management.
This is a short (1 hour) workshop with the Professional Services Working Group of the Canterbury Safety Charter. The session will discuss Reduced OPEX Risk Management Costs with Safe and Sustainable Design. It will feature examples of CAPEX opportunities to reduce OPEX costs through eliminating or modifying risks that require expensive controls and developing risk controls that meet multiple (including non-safety) objectives.It isn’t easy making governance decisions about risk. How much information do decision makers really need and are they informed enough to feel confident about a portfolio of risk responsibilities?

Since the release of ISO 31000 (2018), there has been a need for tools that specifically help senior management and governance leaders drive organisational risk competency. This workshop led by RiskNZ and Advisian, supports senior leaders implementing the risk responsibilities of Boards and Executives; including how to recognise what effective risk management looks like in their organisation

This 2 hour workshop for Top Management is principally aimed at executives, senior management and risk practitioners providing content for Boards and Executive leadership teams, and addresses the questions:

- What does top management need to know about risk in order to make sound decisions?
- What are the responsibilities of the Board and Executive when it comes to risks? And
- What communications about risk should the Board and Executives provide?

Key topics covered are:

- Embedding the risk management process in BAU at all levels
- Accountabilities and responsibilities at different levels
- Setting and communicating risk appetites in policy
- Assessing risk exposures individually and collectively
- Finding opportunity in risk
- Performance measures based on risk

Workshop programme

Workshop 19:00am - 12:00pmManaging Disruption Related Risk
Free Workshop12:30 – 1:30pmReduced OPEX Risk Management Costs with Safe and Sustainable Design
Workshop 22:00 – 4:00pmRisk Management Guideline for Top Management

About the Facilitator

Kristin Hoskin works for Advisian as a senior consultant in Safety and Risk and is a RiskNZ Board Member.  She first worked in risk management in the mid-1990s in the food sector, primarily focusing on food safety based risks. Since then she has worked in health and safety, risk policy, emergency management, natural hazards, crisis management, high hazard contingency response planning, business continuity and risk communications. Her professional goal in life is to see risk information used productively to enable improvements and frame opportunities, rather than simply as a way to avoid disaster. While she has mostly worked in New Zealand she has also spent several years working in the middle east. Kristin works locally and internationally, based out of Christchurch.

Kristin is the Convenor of the NZ Mirror Committee to ISO TC 262 Risk Management and is a member of the Australian New Zealand Risk Management Standards Committee OB-007. She is also a member of the Safety Charter Professional Services Working Group. Advisian Safety and Risk provides consulting services based on a philosophy that people should be enabled by processes – not processes stifling people.

Advisian consulting services include:

  • Safety management and leadership
  • Diagnostic assessment of performance
  • Planning and procedure development
  • Safety, risk and fire engineering
  • Major hazard installations safety cases
  • Understanding, identifying, assessing and managing work risks (safety focus)
  • Safety by design (sector specific)
  • Risk communication
  • Strategic risk management
  • Worst-case scenario planning

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