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Mark Brewer has extensive experience as a learning facilitator and leadership coach, having served as the Commander of Leadership Development for the Royal New Zealand Air Force and Research Officer for the New Zealand Defence Force’s Institute for Leader Development.

Mark now focuses on building leadership capacity in the public sector and improving the performance of not-for-profit organisations. He most recently worked as a principal advisor, designing and delivering leadership development programmes for the United Nations and New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Combining a post-graduate academic research background in human resource development, with deep expertise as a public sector manager, programme manager and organisational excellence advisor, Mark is well positioned to help leaders improve their leadership practice.

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Leadership Domains

Examining the Domain Model of Leadership to emphasise the essential requirement for leaders to actively develop their intra and interpersonal skills, in addition to technical and managerial abilities.

Gaining Trust

Comparing leadership behaviours to the four key elements of trust, and identifying personal opportunities to improve workplace influence and effectiveness as a leader.

Transformational Leadership

Challenging participants to consider the benefits of adopting a transformational leadership approach, based on positive personal interaction, coaching and mentoring, intrinsic motivation, and engagement.

Strategic Self-awareness

Using psychometric tools and workplace feedback to gain a better understanding of personal leadership preferences, and draft a plan for self development.

Leadership Functions

Considering the essential functions of a leader, with an emphasis on planning, communicating and controlling, and the requirement to balance the needs of individuals with that of achieving a task.

Contingent Leadership

Acknowledging that a single approach to leadership is no longer appropriate in the contemporary work environment, and examining which methods might be more effective in a given situation.

Positive Team Cultures

Examining the essential elements of high performing teams, and critically considering how the invisible aspects of workplace culture can influence the success of the team.

Fostering Innovation

Participating in an innovation experiment to help identify the best approaches for fostering innovation, based on critical examination of current workplace cultures and leadership practices.

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