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Organizations require a new set of competencies to survive and thrive in VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environments. AGLX are a global network consultancy specialising in helping organisations embrace complexity and turn it into a strategic advantage.

Steve’s experience in bomb disposal in the New Zealand Army gave him a deep understanding and a personal appreciation for good decision making under conditions of stress and uncertainty.

Recognising that traditional management theory is of limited use in fast changing and highly complex environments, Steve has dedicated his career to seeking out and developing solutions for this issue. He has worked with organisations across the globe, to challenge old thinking and create strategy that allows them to be adaptive and resilient. Steve teaches on the executive education program at the University of Auckland and is an accredited Cynefin trainer.

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Risk Management in a Complex World

Managing risk in an increasingly uncertain and complex world requires new thinking and new skills.

We cannot afford to limit the detection and management of risk to those in formal risk related roles and the C-suite or Board. We must develop and maintain a risk culture across the organisation if we are to become adaptive and resilient.

Why you should attend:

This workshop will provide participants with a new perspective on risk detection and management. We will learn new skills and ways of managing risk in a complex world.

This workshop will cover skills for:

  • Decision making – how we can make better decisions in uncertain and complex situations

We will introduce the Cynefin framework, a decision making tool that provides the basis for sensemaking and decision making.

  • Using your staff and your professional contacts as a ‘human sensor network’

Tools and techniques for managing your network to provide weak signal detection and early warning capability.

  • Decentralisation of risk management to small teams who are more contextually aware

We will discuss how to utilise small teams to rapidly test and exploit opportunities to explore and innovate.

  • Fighting risk aversion

Aversion to risk can create a system where risk goes unreported and unmanaged. We will discuss ways to relax constraints on risk aversion and embrace risk for strategic advantage.

  • Embracing risk as an enabler for innovation

Organisations who can detect weak signals, rapidly respond and exploit opportunities to create value form risk will outperform those who seek to ‘manage risk’ through a cumbersome planning process.

All attendees to the workshop will also get a Risk in Complexity booklet at the end of the workshop.

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Wellington – Thursday 29 July 2021 – CANCELLED
Auckland – Thursday 16th September 2021 – CANCELLED

PRICE: MembersNZ$745 incl GST | Non-member: NZ$925 incl GST
Min pax 10

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