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UC’s Executive Education programmes equip business leaders, founders and boards to deal with complex global environments and challenges, drive digital transformation and be resourceful in a world where the pace of change is faster than it’s ever been. This selection of subjects have been curated specifically with RiskNZ’s members in mind.

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Digital Transformation

Businesses increasingly rely on digital tools and technologies to enhance productivity, improve customer experience and analyse data to support decision making. Those technologies are changing rapidly and it’s critical that you adapt your business to the new digital world.

Technology can, quite literally, transform your business for the future; therefore it’s critical to stay informed about the challenges and opportunities the acceleration of technology will bring. You must construct an appropriate strategy and action plans to adapt. If you don’t, your competitors almost certainly will.

This two-day intensive course will introduce you to the key elements to consider for your business context:

  • What are the key technology trends likely to affect your business, your industry, or your key customers?
  • How might you take advantage of rapidly changing technologies to adapt your firm for future success?
  • How can you develop your team to help them adapt to the rapidly changing world of work?
  • What might the future of your business look like?

Who is this course for?
This course is essential learning for any manager, team leader or C-level executive who wishes to gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities of rapid technology change, mitigate risks and issues, and position their firm to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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Coaching for Managers

Do you want to learn coaching skills to help with your own personal development? Do you want to learn how coaching can help teams and groups work more effectively?

This one day, interactive workshop is delivered by a team of ICF certified coaches and is ideal for people with an interest in coaching themselves and others, those seeking an introduction to the profession of coaching, or anyone wishing to enhance their personal or team development.

Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of the course participants will have an understanding of the profession of coaching. Topics covered during the day to ensure these learning outcomes are reached include:

  • History of Coaching
  • Professional Organisations
  • Coaching Core Competencies and Masteries
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Types of Coaching
  • Types of Coaches
  • Coaching Questions
  • Coaching Tools
  • Personal Change Theories
  • Positive Psychology

The course also features supervised coaching sessions where participants will get to practice and apply what they have learned, and receive feedback.

Date: 5 October 2021

Cost: $980

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