23 April 2024

Gerry Lynch, CEO of Govn365, and David Turner, CEO of RiskNZ, will engage in a dynamic conversation with strategist JP Castlin.

JP Castlin is globally recognised for his expertise in strategy, leadership, and organisational complexity. With a background in corporate governance and strategy consulting, JP is hailed as a prominent voice in strategic thinking. He is the creator of the ABCDE framework, an acclaimed author, and an international keynote speaker.

During the webinar, Gerry and David will delve into critical questions surrounding strategy and enterprise risk management. From defining good strategy versus bad strategy to exploring the role of hypothesis and test and learns, JP will share invaluable insights garnered from his extensive experience. Attendees can expect to gain practical advice on crafting effective strategies, aligning them with organisational goals, and navigating the complexities of risk management.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from JP Castlin and unravel the secrets to successful strategy execution through understanding risk.

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