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coming Events


Our AGM is scheduled for 12:00pm on Thursday 31 May 2018, with audio links provided between Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and individual dial-in.

We are pleased to announce Brent Sutton as our guest speaker who will be talking on: "How can risk management be an effective tool in the management of health and safety related risk?"

The formal notice of the AGM Agenda and other relevant documents can be found here: AGM 2018



“Rena 2: Risk Management Lessons from a recent maritime salvage, The Kea Trader, New Caledonia 2017”

Speaker: Geraint Bermingham, Director, Navigatus Consulting

In July last year, the near new container vessel, the Kea Trader ran aground on a reef 90 nautical miles off of New Caledonia. This challenging operation pushed to the limits of long-range heavy-lift helicopter operational capability while requiring the masters of the supporting vessels to also push the envelope, resulted in both outstanding successes and frustrating failures. Being engaged as the Operations Manager for a core period of the operation gave Geraint a chance to test both his own limits of endurance as well as the practical application of a range of risk management tools in a dynamic and rapidly evolving environment. In the presentation Geraint will describe the operation, give examples of the use of formalised risk management applied during the salvage and explore lessons learnt.

To register for this seminar, and to find out more, please click here.