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White_Board_3.jpegRiskNZ is the peak sector and professional body in New Zealand bringing together those people and organisations managing risk. It embraces the vision that New Zealand prospers because risk is well managed.

Each year we see events that demonstrate that New Zealand enterprises, regardless of type, are not immune to the consequences of poor risk management. These events suggest current approaches to risk management in many organisations are not as developed as they could be.

The ramifications are varied, but included loss of reputation, productivity and financial loss, death and injury, and prosecutions through our judicial system.

Membership of RiskNZ today includes many complex organisations with a vital interest in managing risk well. It includes many of New Zealand’s leading businesses and several government departments.  DHBs, tertiary institutions and local authorities are also members, as are numerous SMEs in the private sector.

By acting now and joining RiskNZ you will ensure your organisation is amongst those leading NZ enterprises that are proactively strengthening their approaches to managing risk in order to prosper.

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Risk Acceptance:  Looking to Australia for emergent issues and practice

RiskNZ is delighted to have Professor Helen Lingard (RMIT University, Melbourne) and Kevin Oldham (Navigatus Consulting) host a session at the RiskNZ Conference on Friday 18th August.  In this Special Interest Group session that is likely to be of particular value to our members with a health and safety focus, they will examine:

  •        Safety in Design - requirements within the Australian Construction industry
  •        How safe is safe enough? – A call to action.

Session details:

1:15 – 2:00pm

Helen Lingard

Introduction of Safety in Design requirements into the Australian construction industry – a

case study.

  • Key learnings from international research on SID in construction.
  • Implementation of SID in Australia – some observations.
  • When do you know that you have done enough? Thoughts and observations on SID end
        points and risk acceptance criteria.   
  • Presentation followed by workshop discussion.

2:00 – 2:30pm

Kevin Oldham

How safe is safe enough?  A call to action.

Short presentation followed by discussion of need and feasibility of RiskNZ preparing guidance

material for SID and other risk practitioners.

About the speakers:

Professor Helen Lingard

RMIT University in Melbourne


Helen leads a program of research in the field of construction occupational

health and safety and work-life balance. Her work balances theoretical,

applied and translational research and focuses on addressing the practical challenges inherent in improving workers’ health, safety and wellbeing

in the construction industry.

In 2014 Professor Lingard co-authored Safety in Design for the Australian Constructors Association.

This seminal report summarised the findings from a five-year international benchmarking study of construction health and safety in Australia,

New Zealand and the United States.

With WorkSafe New Zealand planning to introducesimilar requirements 

in New Zealand Professor Lingard provides a timely summary of learnings

from Safety in Design research and some observations from the Australian experience of implementing SID. 

SID will apply not just to buildings, but to what’s inside them, including

machinery. SID processes will quickly become a benchmark for how

safety and risk are managed, which will pervade other sectors. 

This is the future!


Kevin Oldham

Director, Navigatus Consulting


Kevin applies risk management principles to workplace health and safety,

with a keen focus on deriving real learnings from rigorous research and assessment.  He is an advisor to WorkSafe NZ and an architect of SWIFT,

the injury intelligence system used by WorkSafe.

Kevin also provides practical risk consulting advisory services to a range

of government and transport sectors.

He is convenor of the RiskNZ special interest group on Risk Acceptance






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