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"Risk Management for Decision Support"

In the next Wellington Breakfast Networking Forum, we will aim to discuss how we, as risk practitioners and advisers, are working to ensure that risk management is a salient, valued decision-support process, rather than an irrational, ineffectual reporting process.

          Date: Wednesday 16 May 2018

         Time: 8:00am - 9:00am (arrival at 7:59 for 8:05 start)

         Venue: NZTA Head Office – entrances at 50 Victoria St and also the arcade off Chews Lane (next to Habitual Fix).  The glass doors open at 8:00am and reception is on L2.

Click here to find out more and how to register.




'Risk Modelling for Climate Change and Sea Level Rise'

Climate change is set to increase asset exposure to flood inundation hazards New Zealand along rivers and coastlines. Our ability to anticipate where, when and how assets are exposed determines whether we can avoid or mitigate potential future damage and loss. Risk tools can provide this information for specific locations by analysing hazards, assets at risk and asset vulnerability to hazard exposure. This presentation will provide insight into how risk tools and data in New Zealand are currently being developed and used to identify how future climate change and flood inundation hazards may impact people, buildings, infrastructure and land use.

Speaker: Ryan Paulik, Hazards Analyst, NIWA

To register for this seminar, and to find out more, please click here.