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SAI Global

SAI Global helps organisations proactively manage risk to create trust and achieve business excellence, growth, and sustainability. Our integrated risk management solutions are a combination of leading capabilities, services and advisory offerings that operate across the entire risk lifecycle allowing businesses to focus elsewhere. Together, these tools and knowledge enable clients to develop a holistic, integrated view of risk.

We have global reach with locations across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.


Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. In more than 130 countries, our experts in every facet of risk and across industries help clients to anticipate, quantify, and more fully understand the range of risks they face. In today’s increasingly uncertain global business environment, Marsh helps clients to thrive and survive.

Marsh uses a team approach to address our clients’ risk management and insurance needs. Each client relationship is coordinated by a client executive, who draws from our many industry and risk specialties to assemble the resources to analyse, measure, and help manage multiple risks.

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Paladin Risk Management Services works with organisations and businesses to identify risks to their operations and devise strategies to combat them.

Paladin Risk Management Services provides extensive risk management consultancy and training services to all levels of Government and the private sector.

Since commencing operations in 2007, Paladin Risk Management Services has gained an excellent reputation for the quality of its services and for its suite of innovative yet simple risk control practices.

We work closely with our clients to tailor solutions that give them the capability to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow and concentrate on the successes of today.

Being strategic in the way in which your organisation approaches risk management is the best defence against any crisis and a means to ensuring organisational resilience when things do not go to plan.

Paladin Risk Management Services aims to build the skills and capabilities within individuals and organisations so they can be a Risk Gladiator in their own right.

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Get on top of your cyber governance before it’s too late.

At Cybercraft, we are passionate about helping our clients get safe and stay safe from the cyber risks that threaten organisations and people every single day. Our Cybercrafters have years of experience helping clients understand and manage cyber risks. We strongly believe that relating cybersecurity to cyber governance, and aligning cyber strategy to support business objectives, is essential for the success of all organisations.

Cybercraft provides a range of products and services that are designed as bite sized chunks that will fit into any budget. Our goal is to immediately contribute to improving your cyber-risk situation and provide immediate value to the business. Our product and service framework is pragmatically structured so that cybersecurity investments can easily fit into an annual cybersecurity programme that can be built on year-on-year.

Safety Associates

A good safety culture is where people lead and the organisation follows. Leadership can come from all levels within the organisation i.e. CEO, middle management, supervisors, team leaders and front line workers.

Safety Associates® can effect immediate change within your organisation that lasts. They focus on:

  • delivering safety solutions that can be measured and evaluated
  • providing people with the skills to do their jobs safely
  • systems that are fit for purpose, easily understood and usable

An engagement with Safety Associates® will help your organisation reduce the level of harm to your people.

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