About Risk NZ

RiskNZ is the leading sector and professional body in New Zealand bringing together those people and organisations managing risk. It embraces the vision that New Zealand prospers because risk is well managed.

Established in 2000, the organisation delivers services and activities for our members that support strengthening New Zealand’s capability to manage risk. Today RiskNZ is connected to a wide range of industry sectors, central and local government, many professional bodies and non-governmental organisations, and the tertiary education / academic sector.

Our focus is regular connection to share knowledge, build links, encourage research, facilitate professional development, inform public thinking, and influence government, regulatory and business processes to achieve risk management best practice.

Recognising that much is changing in the way that risk is perceived, tolerated and managed in NZ and abroad, RiskNZ each year in consultation with its members, sets several priority work-streams to ensure our delivery is relevant and that we have the capacity and agility to meet the needs and expectations of our diverse stakeholder network.

RiskNZ is interested in ensuring the NZ public is well informed on specific risk issues and events. In recent times, RiskNZ has submitted to the Royal Commissions on the Pike River Coal Mine Disaster and the failure of the maintenance of building design standards caused by the Canterbury earthquake.

Join our active community

RiskNZ provides opportunities for members to develop skills, contribute to developing and building capability in risk management, and to stay ahead of current issues.