RiskNZ Regional Engagement

We’ve listened to our member feedback and you’ve told us that more opportunities to connect locally and share experiences would really support what you do.

RiskNZ is delighted to introduce an additional offering for our members – regional focal points.  Our regional engagement might look a little different in the various parts of the country but the intent is the same; stronger relationships with our local members, opportunities to come together, and a chance for us to hear more about what you need.

We’re starting small but if we have members in areas without a focal point and you have the capacity to run one, please reach out.  Our regional engagement approach will complement our continued work that is centrally led by our management team (such as lunchtime seminars; workshops and training).  We’re looking to share our best practice across all our regional areas, watch this space for more information.  Meanwhile, our regional focal points will reach out shortly to connect with you, but you don’t have to wait for that – feel free to connect with them directly too as we’d love to hear from you.


Get in touch:


Darroch Todd – [email protected]

Bay of Plenty and Waikato :

Lynda McCalman – [email protected]

East Coast:

Regan Smith – [email protected]


David Turner – [email protected]


Suralda Timmerman – [email protected]

South Island:

Mark Cubitt – [email protected]