27 May 2024
12:00pm - 12:30pm

Risk NZ’s mission is to bring the risk community together through knowledge sharing, events, networking, and summits which lead the way in the risk management industry. Risk NZ believes that New Zealand prospers when risk is well managed. That can only be achieved through effective training across not only our risk management community, but all decision makers and staff in our organisations.

Protecht’s vision is to redefine the way the world thinks about risk, and for effective risk management to be a key driver of value creation. Protecht Academy provides comprehensive online on-demand training to help your organisation achieve this goal. Risk NZ has partnered Protecht to deliver this training to the NZ risk community.

Protecht’s Chief Research & Content Officer, David Tattam, has been honing risk management training for more than 25 years, training over 40,000 people in risk across the globe. Protecht Academy brings that training on-demand, maximising flexibility while maintaining the energetic flair David is known for.

In this 30-minute webinar, RiskNZ’s CEO David Turner will interview Protecht’s Chief Research & Content Officer, David Tattam about the evolution of Protecht Academy, followed by an exploration of the content curated from hundreds of training sessions.

About the Presenters:

David Tattam, Chief Research and Content Officer, Protecht

David Tattam is the Chief Research & Content Officer and co-founder of the Protecht Group. David’s vision is to redefine the way the world thinks about risk and to develop risk management to its rightful place as being a key driver of value creation in each of Protecht’s customers.

David is the driving force in taking Protecht’s risk thinking to the frontiers of what is possible in risk management and to support the uplift of people risk capability through training and content.

David Turner, CEO RiskNZ

David Turner is a senior business executive and trusted advisor with over 25 years’ experience in the risk management and leadership industries.

He opened his own company that advised on risk management and provided personnel for major projects including; BHPB, Rio Tinto, Multiplex, Police, Australian Elections, and also CHOGM 2011 working with State and Federal Police

Date: 27 May 2024
Time: 12pm – 12:30pm
Format: Free webinar