Eliminating Chaos in a Cyber-Crisis in Your Organisation / Defeat the next Cyber Attack

At a location and date that suits your organisation

Do you feel the need to be better prepared for a whole raft of crises that seem to be hitting organisations currently?

If so, this workshop is a must for you. Take the opportunity to manage a cyber attack on your organisation by being involved in realistic scenario simulations in a fun learning environment. 

You and your colleagues will be fully immersed in two crisis simulations; the first a very realistic cyber-attack that could severely hit the ability of your organisation to function. The second, well, you will find out during the workshop.

Cyber-Attack Scenario:
This is all played in a very realistic (and fun) way; you will get the chance to practice how you would handle such a situation within your organisation; we will throw unexpected events into the mix to see how you react. You will also have access to some of the latest crisis management and emergency communication tools to assist you (see the Crisis Room Simulation below). We will also keep tabs on how everything goes and help and guide you as an organisation. If you have not yet properly tested your response processes, how do you know they will work when this happens for real?

The Crisis Room simulation:
The current pandemic has increased the impetus for organisations worldwide to move to digital, on-line crisis management rooms. Being able to physically meet to manage a crisis (cyber or otherwise) has become impossible in some cases, undesirable in most and inefficient in almost all cases. But the pandemic is not the only reason for better tools and plans:

  • It is easier to get to your laptop to quickly manage and collaborate with your colleagues in a crisis – especially if it is 3am on a Sunday morning.
  • What if you lost your internal IT systems and telephony? How will you work together as an organisation and professionally manage and respond to the crisis?

The outcome of the simulated session is to enable organisations to get back to ‘business as usual’ more quickly at the same time as keeping staff and public safe, and maintaining (or improving) brand reputation. Own the crisis!

Who should attend?

Top and middle level management, Incident response teams, risk, cyber security and business continuity practitioners, crisis managers, operations managers + anyone that needs to make key decisions or is in a key position during a crisis.

Attendees will leave the session with:

  • The confidence that your organisation will be able to respond well to a major crisis
  • An understanding of what works and what does not in crisis management
    Strengthened incident and crisis management skills
  • What tools to use and how to be more effective in crisis management
  • The recognition of the importance of collaboration and communication in crisis management
  • How to operate and manage in a calm, clear and structured way during a crisis


Date: To be arranged with your organisation
Price: $9950 + gst per organisation


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The Presenters:

Ahmed ElAshmawy | Consulting Practice Lead – Cyber and Information Security | Axenic Ltd

Ahmed ElAshmawy has more than 22 years of experience in the ICT industry, specialising in information security consulting for the past 17 years. He has held security leadership roles in critical national infrastructure organisations and led various industry initiatives. He is an expert in implementing standards-based approaches to information security in a practical manner to ensure they support business’s objectives while complying with internal and external requirements.

Ahmed’s experience extends across industry sectors including government, health care, financial services, media, energy and telecommunications.

Martin Petts | Head of Operations – F24 Crisis Management Software | F24 AG

Martin Petts has worked in crisis management, emergency notification, IT business continuity and data protection for over 20 years combined. Martin is responsible for all F24 business in the Australasia and Asia Pacific region, and manages operations with passion, driving forward client’s success with F24’s products for alerting, crisis management and critical communications on an international scale.

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