How ERM and ORM can work in perfect harmony

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Can Operational Risk Management (ORM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) work in harmony under the same framework? Whilst ORM acts as a protective function to mitigate risk, and ERM looks to optimize risk to identify opportunities the 2 functions have many similarities.


Join Simon Levy, Chief Executive Officer at the RMIA, David Turner, Chief Executive Officer at RiskNZ, and Camms’ Chief People and Strategy Officer, Beau Murfitt, as they discuss how organisations can implement a process that ensures risk mitigation whilst optimising risk to achieve higher financial returns and drive strategic growth.

The session will include;

  • How the protective stance of ORM differs from the proactive approach of ERM
  • How organisations should integrate their risk mitigation and risk optimisation processes
  • Why decision-makers should integrate risk management with organisational strategy to drive greater returns