How to Reduce the Chaos of any Crisis Situation

Thursday 24 June 2021
4:30 - 5:30pm

During a crisis, if an organisation is to avoid confusion, mis-communication and chaos, there are steps that can be taken, pre-crisis, to prevent disaster. With chaos can come irreparable damage to your brand, baying media to your door or worse, your staff or the public being put in danger from the lack of coordination.

In this presentation we will talk about how you can maintain your communication channels, collaborate in real-time and stay organised and focussed within the same crisis at different levels of the organisation; Strategic, Operational and Tactical. Leave this presentation knowledgeable in ways that technology can help organisations maintain clear, two-way communication, efficient collaboration and focussed crisis management at different levels within medium to large organisations.

This webinar is followed by a hands-on face-to-face RiskNZ workshop potentially in Wellington and Auckland.

About the speaker

Martin Petts has worked in crisis management, emergency notification, IT business continuity and data protection for over 20 years combined. Martin is responsible for all F24 business in the Australasia and Asia Pacific region, and manages operations with passion, driving forward client’s success with F24’s products for alerting, crisis management and critical communications on an international scale.