Introduction to Hybrid Workplace Risks

Tuesday 29th November, 2022
12:30pm - 4:30pm
Wellington Club, Wellington

This workshop has been postponed.  New date: TBD.


The resilient organisation depends on its people. Over the pandemic many organisations have put the relationship with their people under significant strain by doing their best, but not doing enough, to make the hybrid Workplace Experience low-stress and productive.

Alongside this challenge, employers are having difficulty attracting and retaining a quality staff. The proportion of people in New Zealand with high turnover intentions was 46.4% late last year, according to AUT’s Wellbeing at Work survey.

As employers consider what they can do to keep their best and brightest, they are coming up against hybrid ways of working. Organisations were not prepared for hybrid work and many haven’t built in appropriate responses or capability. Hybrid work has created issues with burnout, lower productivity and increased tension between colleagues. Each of these issues threatens the quality of work being done in an organisation, and its capacity to deliver going forward.

Employers can’t solve what they don’t understand, which is why this half-day course will give you the tools you need to understand the risks and their appropriate mitigations.

This half day training will deliver:

  • A deep understanding of the root causes of the people issues associated with hybrid work
  • Actionable insights into how to address these root causes and which parts of the business should be involved
  • Research-based discussion points to take back to your organisation
  • Specific situations when an organisation should be asking the right questions, to ensure their risks are covered


Date: 29th November, 2022
12:30pm – 4:30pm
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The Wellington Club, The Terrace


Introductory pricing: $529 (regular price $749)

View David Turner and Nina Fountain discussing the evolution of risk management for modern organisations and what this course will offer in this 5 minute video.

About your trainer:

Nina Fountain
The Workspace Connection, Workplace Strategist

Nina is a Workplace Strategist and recognised expert in hybrid and flexible workplace design. Nina’s clients usually achieve increases in engagement, wellbeing and workplace satisfaction of at least 10% and up to 23%. They simultaneously reduce their office footprint and create a flexible workplace that is both attractive and productive.

Nina has been at the forefront of flexible workplace design since 2012 when she delivered a major strategic initiative for the Australian Government that doubled the number of people who work from home via the Internet. When hybrid and flexible work styles took many employers by surprise in 2020, The Workspace Connection (formerly Transformed Teams) had well-developed tools and frameworks to help them succeed.

Nina’s training in communication sciences (B App Sc Sp Path (Hons)) gives her a unique perspective on the challenges of establishing successful hybrid and flexible workplace environments. She has also lived the experience of managing remote and flexible teams for the last ten years.

Nina is based in Wellington, New Zealand, where she enjoys walks by the harbour and the Wellington food scene.

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