Creating Strategic Advantage from Uncertainty

Tuesday 7 April 2020
12:15pm - 1:00pm

Tools and Techniques for better risk management in a VUCA world.

“Our personal relationship with uncertainty is fundamental to being human, yet over the last 30 years we’ve begun outsourcing it to certainty merchants.” – Diego Espinosa.

The world is becoming more connected, networked and complex.

Most business leaders are forced to make many big decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

The biggest risk facing business today isn’t from the strategic environment but from the rigidity of bureaucracy. Many risk management models rob us of our ability to create strategic advantage from uncertain times.

Steve McCrone will briefly introduce the concept of managing complexity and then discuss some tools and techniques that can be used to help organisations detect and respond to emerging risks and create a strategic advantage form uncertainty and complexity. He will deliberately challenge the status quo and most likely upset the merchants of certainty.

In light of the evolving Covid-19 situation, this Lunchtime Seminar will be delivered only as a webinar. The health and well-being of RiskNZ’s Members are paramount and offering the Seminar as webinar-only is the most socially conscious choice as we take measures to practice social distancing. 

Lunchtime Seminars - Key Information

  • Lunchtme Seminar charges are $10 for all RiskNZ members, and $15 for non-members. You can pay directly via credit card online, or an invoice will be sent to you following registration.
  • Seminars commences at 12:15pm and will finish at 1:00pm.

About the Speaker

Steve’s experience in bomb disposal in the New Zealand Army gave him a good understanding and a personal appreciation for decision making under conditions of stress and uncertainty.

Recognising that traditional risk management theory is of limited use in fast changing and highly complex environments, Steve has dedicated his career to seeking out and developing solutions for this issue. He has continued to build on his understanding of complexity theory, Cynefin and its application to real world problems. He was able to ground his theoretical knowledge through working with large corporations and government organisations as they face uncertain times.