Business Continuity Vs. Operational Resilience – Is there a difference?

Tuesday 18 April
12:00 - 1:00pm

Business Continuity Vs. Operational Resilience – Is there a difference?

In this webinar, hear about what the regional differences are, emerging regulation changes and how to stay one step ahead of the competition (and regulators).


In Europe, medium and large companies don’t just look at how to get critical services and business services up and running again after a disruption; they are more likely to also look at important processes to maintain customer service levels. European organisations also have more of a tendency to look at lower level incident management too, creating a more operational resilience approach and culture.

However this is not necessarily the companies themselves driving this evolution, but regulations too that strive to make sure that customers’ interests are protected.

New Zealand, Australian, HK and Singaporean regulators are more focussed on getting business critical services up and running after a disruption. The UK/European regulation landscape is more in-depth and more customer-focussed. New Zealand, Australian and Asia Pacific companies are more focussed on identifying ‘critical’ processes and having a recovery plan, but not necessarily on other processes that are potentially just as ‘important’ to customers and brand reputation.

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About the Interviewee


Louise Squires

Louise started her career in insurance in the United Kingdom, leading a New Business Underwriting Team for Allianz. In 2016, she found her niche in resiliency and was then relocated to Singapore in 2020, to take on a larger role, setting up the Resilience Framework across APAC. In this role, Lou had complete ownership of the region and its Incident Management, Crisis Management, IT Service Continuity Management and Business Continuity Management processes.

Louise joined Chubb as the Chubb Overseas Group & Life Business Continuity & Resilience Leader, in May 2022 and continues to be based in Singapore. In her role, Louise is responsible for oversight and transformation of the evolving business continuity program across Latin America, EMEA and APAC. Louise is predominantly focused on making significant enhancements to the BC program and plays a crucial role in driving consistency through delivering standards, policies, and procedures. 

On a personal note, Louise has a passion for rescuing ex-race horses and in turn retrains them, giving them a second chance at life. She has one named Easy Does It and another named Mango. She spends a lot of her spare time up at the stables with them.

About the Interviewer


Martin Petts, F24, Head of Sales, Australasia and Asia Pacific

Martin began his career in data protection with Hewlett Packard in the United Kingdom in the late 1990’s, helping to develop data storage devices for use in data backup for companies all around the world. After moving into the data protection software arena in the early 2000s, and into server replication and fail-over software in the 2010’s Martin was focused on helping companies recover from IT incidents and minimise IT downtime.

In 2017 Martin joined the F24 team in the UK, working with clients to manage and communicate in a crisis using F24’s software suite. Transferring to New Zealand in 2019, Martin is responsible for the F24 business in New Zealand, Australia and the Asia Pacific region, and manages operations with passion, driving forward client’s success with F24’s products for business continuity, crisis management and critical communications.

F24 is a resilience software company headquartered in Germany with over 22 years’ experience and a global reach.