Navigating Cyber Storms into 2024 and Beyond

Tuesday 4 June
12:00 - 1:00pm

Navigating Cyber Storms into 2024 and Beyond

It’s hard to ignore the headlines; the past few years have brought floods, plagues, and an unprecedented rise in cyber-attacks. New Zealand businesses have taken the brunt of these events. Some have been pushed to the breaking point.

Floods and plagues are tangible events. We can see them coming and prepare for the worst. Cyber-attacks are like a bolt of lightning, one minute it’s a sunny day, and the next minute your business is on fire and you are scrambling to mitigate the damage.

Cyber resilience is a measure of how well you can manage a cyber-attack or data breach while continuing to maintain business operations effectively. Being cyber resilient puts you in a much stronger position to weather the storm and recover quickly from a cyber-attack.

The seminar will cover: 

·   Emerging threats and risks for 2024.
·   Risk of not keeping abreast of new threats.
·   What you need to protect.
·   The impact a cyber-attack could have on your business.
·   Importance of being prepared.

Lunchtime Seminars - Key Information

  • Lunchtime Seminars are free for all individual members and named individuals under a corporate membership.  The fee for non-members is $25+GST
  • Seminars commences at 12:00pm and will finish at 1:00pm.
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About the Speaker


Wendy Bennett
Director, Outfox

Wendy is a director of Outfox the award-winning cyber resilience company Outfox.  She has a wealth of information and cybersecurity experience in both the public and private sectors.

Before joining Outfox in 2022, she held information security leadership roles with the New Zealand Police and the National Cyber Security Centre.  There she was responsible for overseeing the development of policy, standards, and guidance for the New Zealand public sector.

She is passionate about cyber resilience and thinks that no business should be left behind. She is dedicated to ensuring New Zealand’s small to medium businesses are as well positioned as the big guys to defend their businesses against cyber-attacks.