RiskNZ Wellness Webinar

Wednesday 8 April
2:00 - 2:45pm

RiskNZ is proud to introduce its new initiative, Wellness Webinar, for its members and the larger community of risk practitioners and managers. The intention of the Wellness Webinars is to bring the risk community together online in these extraordinary times to discuss challenges and issues that they might be facing.

The purpose of the Wellbeing Webinars is to reduce the feeling of isolation that you as risk practitioners might face, build a sense of community and empowerment as you work from home, enable you to share challenges and learn from each other, and be supported by our community of risk practitioners and RiskNZ.

The first Wellbeing Webinar will take place on Wednesday 8th of April. It will bring together three panelists to facilitate the discussion as we look into how risk practitioners around the country are coping as individuals with self-doubt, lack of control and loss of influence in the evolving situation around us.

The webinar is completely free. Please register below and join from the safety of your homes.