Allan Barber assesses the long and short term risk factors for New Zealand from Brexit for meat exporters who must get on with winning orders and satisfying customer demand in Europe. China is the relief valve

Any hopes Brexit would be sorted this year are receding further into the distance with every new twist and there’s a strong chance the situation will have changed again by the time you read this. For obvious reasons I won’t make firm predictions about the likely outcome, because it’s impossible to predict which of several will eventuate, but it is possible to assess the long and short term risk factors for New Zealand exporters who must get on regardless with securing orders and satisfying customers.

Unsurprisingly it is hard to get too much information from the exporters about their shipping programmes for the Christmas chilled trade, because they are in the middle of negotiations with their key customers and they are also reluctant to upset them by disclosing confidential details in print.


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