Announcement of Managing Director to RiskNZ

To all our members,

I am very pleased to announce that David Turner, the Deputy Chair of our Management Board, has been appointed to the new role of Managing Director for RiskNZ. David’s appointment follows the recent departure of our Executive Officer, Sathya Ashok Mithra, at the end of her contract.

Appointing a Managing Director from the Board is a new approach for us. The members of our Board and our honorary solicitor have agreed that the title correctly reflects David’s position as an elected member of the Board appointed into an executive management role. I am personally delighted to see a leader of such experience and skill step into this exciting and challenging role. David brings with him a wealth of knowledge gained from 24 years in the risk industry in New Zealand and around the world. Aside from business development and marketing skills, he has worked with leading government departments, private companies, and major international consultancies. He has also run his own risk consultancy in Australia.

David was elected to the Board in 2018 and his familiarity with RiskNZ strategic objectives, annual work plan and project workstreams means he has been immediately impactful in the MD role. He is leading the initiative to build stronger and closer relationships with members and sponsors, and alongside the Board, is taking a particular focus on the future of risk in a world where the context of risk is ever-changing. David’s new role also enables him to follow his passion to help shape the future of RiskNZ and provide a high level of service to our members.

Some of you may have met David already through email, LinkedIn, or through the various catch ups and phone calls David has been making. Please welcome David, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with him and request a catch up, I know he would welcome the chance to find out more about you and understand what you need from RiskNZ so we can move forward together.

Stephen Hunt