Covid-19 NZ: Why some people spread the virus and others don't

A Stuff article.

In February, a 21-year-old man did what 21-year-olds do. He went to the gym, he went to the supermarket, he went to the Manukau Institute of Technology university campus. The problem was he had Covid-19.

This man went to busy public places while carrying the virus. He could have infected total strangers and the so-called Valentine’s Day outbreak could have veered out of control.

But this didn’t happen. The cluster was closed with 15 cases – a relatively tight-knit bunch of people, limited to a handful of families.

A nightmare scenario was avoided. New Zealand seemingly got lucky. This all begs the question, why did this man fail to spread the virus, but another person visited a Matamata bar early in 2020 and 76 people ended up infected?

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