Cybercraft Pandemic Initiative

As the Covid-19 pandemic crisis intensifies, organisations are finding themselves under
immense pressure and stress to work out how to respond to the crisis.

Unfortunately, our cyber risk assessment work has shown one major outstanding risk:
Over 90% of organisations do NOT have a Business Continuity Plan, and do not have a
Pandemic Plan.

The national Alert Level will be raised to Level 4 on Wednesday, and organisations must
prepare to support staff mobile working from home and working safely to provide
continuity of operations.

We want to help you adapt to Covid-19
To support all organisations, Cybercraft is commencing an initiative that will provide
organisations with our comprehensive Cyber Resilience document pack (license to use) for
Business Continuity and Pandemic Planning, at a fee of $300 to cover administrative costs
(these document packs normally have a fee of $6000).

Our Packs contain

  • Business Continuity Plan template
  • Pandemic Business Continuity Plan Framework
  • Pandemic Response Process template
  • Pandemic Response Mandatory Guidance
  • Pandemic Response Policy template
  • Work from Home Agreement template
  • Working from Home Guidance

Other ways we can help

  • Cybercraft offers virtual consulting sessions over Zoom (90 minutes) to walk
    through the Business Continuity and Pandemic packs if required.
  • Cybercraft can also help by providing organisations with experienced management
    level cyber risk & digital expertise for strategy & planning to help businesses
    implement effective and secure mobile working.

To request the Business Continuity and Pandemic Packs, please email Director of Sales [email protected] with your business details, or
phone Farah on 027 2200 111.

Please visit the Cybercraft website now.