Dr Noelyn Hung: Data indicates Covid 100 times riskier than jab

A NZ Herald article.

Dr Noelyn Hung conducted the autopsy on a 26-year-old Dunedin man and found he likely died of a very rare heart condition caused by the Covid-19 jab. She says the risk of contracting the condition from the virus is much higher than doing so from the Covid vaccine.


A healthy 26-year-old male is usually on our mortuary table because he has crashed his car or fallen down a mountainside. During the autopsy, I see a heart that is soft and pale and my own heart saddens. Later, down the microscope I find numerous immune (but not cancerous) cells surrounding and destroying the heart muscle. The diagnosis is myocarditis; inflammation of the heart muscle that aberrantly excites the electrical conductivity through the heart leading to palpitations and occasionally lethal abnormal heart rhythms. And with time, too much heart muscle may be destroyed and the heart no longer pumps properly, leading to heart failure.

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