Lunchtime Seminar

5 December 2017


“Risk in Action”, a fire and emergency response perspective.

 The presentation will look at systems in use including IT and geospatial technology at Fire and Emergency New Zealand (AKA the New Zealand Fire Service). This will include Risk Evaluation, Risk Prediction/Readiness, Risk Response and Risk Recovery. The presentation will show tools used by staff on a daily basis for analysis and monitoring of risk in the built environment and the response sector.

 Part of the presentation will also include an outline of the new Fire and Emergency Act 2017 that came into effect in July of this year. This increases the mandate of readiness and response activities performed by FENZ staff and the introduction of new roles and powers of the FENZ Inspector.

 Bruce Irvine is a career member of the service with over 30 years or experience in training, firefighting response and  risk management in relation to safety, health and wellbeing. Bruce’s roles have also included “Built” and “Natural” hazard planning in the NZFS and with CCC Civil defence.


About the speaker

Bruce Irvine has been involved with risk management since 1984 as a Volunteer for the New Zealand Fire Service in Palmerston North. Since then a career with NZFS and now Fire and Emergency New Zealand covering Auckland, Christchurch and the upper half of the South Island in a number of response and planning roles. Bruce also has had time in Civil Defence Emergency Management as a planning advisor focusing on natural hazard community preparedness and response. As a result he believes that in fact "Recovery Planning" for risk is the area of most need, to limit the impact of events and activities on both individuals, communities and businesses alike, given that the response activities will happen and the longer phase is in fact recovery that makes the greatest difference.

Bruce has an MBA from Auckland University with a National Diploma in Structural Firefighting and is a Graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers, being an ex-Branch councillor of the NZ Branch. He is currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Public Safety (Fire Investigation) via Canberra Institute of Technology. (CIT)

Current role is that of Fire Risk Management Officer in Christchurch Metro Area. This role focuses on community education, built environment advise and post fire analysis and investigation. He has been in this role for 3 years.


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