RiskNZ partners with Kora Fuel Card

RiskNZ has recently partnered with Kora Fuel Card to provide fuel savings to RiskNZ members and also to create  passive income for RiskNZ that can be reinvested into educational and operational activities to grow our organisation for the benefit of our members.

Kora is a new fuel card that saves you money every time you fill up at Waitomo or Mobil. As a RiskNZ member, you have access to our premium rate of 10 cents per litre that we split between savings for you and support for RiskNZ.

A portion of your Kora Card discount goes to supporting RiskNZ and you can choose how much you want to contribute from 2c to 10c. It’s a win-win for everyone.

As part of the Financial Strategy review, the RiskNZ Board identified an opportunity to partner with Kora Fuel Card to assist with the growth strategy for RiskNZ.

Waitomo is also transitioning to a low emissions future through the development of New Zealand’s first green hydrogen refueling network for heavy transport, co-located on new and existing Waitomo Fuel Stops, in partnership with Hiringa Energy. (https://www.waitomogroup.co.nz/environmental)

We will be sending you more information in the next few weeks on how to sign up for your own Kora Fuel Card. RiskNZ is also opening this opportunity to RiskNZ members’ colleagues, family members and friends. So feel free to share the promotional material within your network.