RiskNZ’s increasing influence on building good practice

Representation on National and International Standards

Many organisations draw on national and international standards as a means to apply and demonstrate recognised good practice. The development and maintenance of standards is mostly performed by industry representative members from professional bodies. RiskNZ has a strong history of contributing to the development of standards and guidance documents that inform a range of sectors on risk management good practice. In 2017 Kristin was put forward by the RiskNZ Board to represent the membership on OB-007, the Australia-New Zealand Risk Standards Committee. In 2018 she was added to the ISO/TC262 New Zealand International Review Group and National Mirror Committee for Risk Standards. In March this year (2020) she became the convenor of the National Mirror Committee and was added as a New Zealand expert to the ISO TC262 Working Groups ISO TC262 WG6 (Guidance Handbook) and WG7 (Managing Travel Risk).

What does all that mean? In essence it means that RiskNZ’s ability to influence and contribute to best practice is growing. If you have any thoughts, concerns, or questions about risk related standards documents (standards, guidebooks, handbooks, etc.) that are in use in NZ, Australia or globally, (as ISO or national standards publications) you can contact her, as she will likely know the document’s current status, when it is up for review or potential retirement, and what new risk related standards are in the works. Kristin can also help if you think there is a knowledge gap that needs a new standard proposed.

Your opinions are important to share with Kristin to help incorporate our collective, current industry wide opinions into content composition and voting positions at the respective Standards levels. For example, we will all be keen to see what comes forward from ISO TC 262 WG7’s work on ISO 31030 Travel Risk, which is due to be published about this time next year (public consultation will be 2-3 months from now).

Other ISO Standards documents that are currently in the works that you may be interested in knowing about include:

  • ISO 31022 Legal Risk
  • ISO 31050 Emerging Risk

At the Australia/New Zealand level:

  • AS/NZS 5050 Disruption Related Risk
  • SA HB 436.1 Risk management – Guidelines for Directors and Executives
    are two topical current projects.

The next OB-007 meeting Kristin will be attending is later this week and the next ISO TC262 and working group meetings she will be attending are in late May.

Contact Kristin directly via email at [email protected] or [email protected].