The Transformation Question

Sally Pulley – Extrinsic Services Ltd

David Turner, our RiskPost Editor, asked me to write something about the ongoing impact of Covid-19 for the November 2020 edition.

In the time since that article was published, WorkSafe has filed charges against 13 parties after an investigation into the Whakaari/White Island disaster, and the Governance Institute of Australia has published the report of  their major thought leadership project, the ‘Future of the risk management professional’.i

The RiskPost article has been updated to reflect these events.

Change is a fact of life. Business and regulatory changes were complex and fast paced before Covid-19. Organisations invested large amounts of capital in research and marketing, seeking to understand the needs of markets and the evolving trends, technology advances, and market niches that would influence business
architecture,ii product development and buying patterns.

Covid-19 disrupted trends and introduced rapid disruption to private lives and business operations. To quote the Port of Tauranga’s Chief Executive Mark Cairns “Every aspect of Port of Tauranga’s operations has been impacted by Covid-19.” iii

Geopolitical changes; the disruption of trade routes; mobility restrictions; increased societal focus on supporting local business and industry; all lead into the rapid development of new ways of working and new purchasing patterns which themselves may be fleeting, and simply an artefact of the brief co-existence of a set of circumstances.

You can view the full article here.