RiskNZ Standards Update

February 2018 update from KRISTIN HOSKIN - RiskNZ Management Board Member


Recent activities on the Standards front include that comments on IEC/ISO 31010 Risk Management -Risk Assessment Techniques are due in by 16 February. Discussion of comments received will take place in April before it goes to Final Draft International Standard (FDIS). This document is a technical revision and will replace the 2009 (first) edition. You can contact me at for further information.

For those members with interests on both sides of the Tasman, Round 16 of Standard's Australia Project Prioritisation and Selection Process opens on 5 February. Information on proposing a standard to Standards Australia is available on their website.

The OB-007 Risk Management Committee met on 13-14 November in ACT. At the meeting a number of initiatives were progressed:

  • Liaison between OB-007 Committee and SF-001 Safety Management Committee was advanced. Liaison with MB-025 Security, and QR-005 Dependability are also in place.
  • HB436 Risk Management Guidelines Companion to AS/NZS ISO 31000 was discussed with a project proposal expected in the latter half of 2018.
  • Progress on the AS/NZS 5050 project was discussed. (HB 292 Guidance for managing disruption related risk has been put on hold until completion of 5050).
  • A new working group to develop a Handbook for Guidance for implementing ISO 31000. Australia has nominated two members to WG5 Management of Legal Risk. The project under this working group may replace HB 296:2007 (which is being reconfirmed).
  • A new terminology coordination group (TCG 1) has been formed. · The third draft of HB167 Security Related Risk Management is likely to be presented to OB-007 in
  • April (current version is 2006).
  • HB192 Guide for Managing Risk in Motor Sport is up for consideration.
  • HB294: 2006 National post-border weed risk management protocol is to be withdrawn.

The next OB-007 meeting is in Sydney on 22-23 February. I will be attending that meeting and will issue the next update on Standards after that.

Standards NZ is establishing a new development committee to identically adopt ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management – Requirements with guidance for use. The committee is likely to be confirmed in February. The formation of this committee comes out of the scoping workshop that I reported on last year.


If any member has an interest in a particular risk related standard, or Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand activity, and wants further information please do contact me at