RiskNZ Standards Update

February 2019 update from KRISTIN HOSKIN - RiskNZ Management Board Member

The last OB-007 meeting was held in Adelaide in November. There would normally have been one by now, but as this coming one is in Canberra and clashed with Australian Parliament dates it was rescheduled. It will now be on 25-26 March. An update to members on the outcomes from that meeting will be circulated in early April. On the agenda for the meeting are a number of important items for members to note. If you want to voice opinion on any of these please contact Kristin Hoskin so she can present your thoughts to the OB-007 committee either in advance of, or at, the March meeting.

A proposal for the revision of AS/NZS 5050:2010 Business Continuity - Managing Disruption Related Risk was submitted in February.

At the March meeting:

  • SA HB 436.1 and 436.2 will be formally “kicked off”. These are the projects for generating handbooks to accompany AS ISO 31000:2018. In December an invitation was sent to Standards New Zealand to participate in the projects so as to make these joint handbooks. At present Standards New Zealand has not accepted the invitation. HB 436.1 is going to be the Executive and Senior Managers guidelines, and authoring of this is well progressed. HB 436.2 will be the Practitioners guide. This will be a larger handbook and will be completed once the Executives and Senior Managers guidelines is complete. An update on anticipated publication dates will be shared with members after the March meeting.

  • Following sector consultation, reconfirming the aged standard HB192-2007 Guide for Managing Risk in Motor Sport will be considered. Feedback in New Zealand is that this document is not used within the motor sport sector.

  • HB 246-2010 Guideline for Managing Risk in Sport and recreation organisations is likely to be reconfirmed, although market appetite needs to be better understood.

  • A proposal to revise HB 141:2011 Risk Financing Guidelines is likely to be finalised.

  • Feedback on the review of HB 266:2010 Guide for managing risk in not-for-profit organisations will be considered. The review team anticipates that, barring objection, a proposal for a revision of this document will be prepared following the meeting.

  • HB 327:2010 Communicating and consulting about risk will be considered to decide if it will be revised or withdrawn.

The ISO/TC262 NZ mirror committee has recently considered and voted on the ISO/TC262 Strategic Business Plan. The outcome of this is not available at time of print.

RiskNZ is delivering a workshop in Auckland on March 14th that has a focus on use of ISO 31000:2018. Details are available on the RiskNZ website and via RiskNZ's LinkedIn updates.


If any member has an interest in a particular risk related standard, or Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand activity, and wants further information please do contact me at