30 April 2024
1pm - 2pm


Brad Smith, Principal Consultant, Camms

Having worked with more than 300 public, private and not for profit organisations across a wide range of sectors, during his 19 years at Camms, Brad has an in-depth knowledge in key areas including governance / risk / compliance, planning and performance, ESG and business process improvement.

David Turner, CEO, RiskNZ

David Turner is a senior business executive and trusted advisor with over 25 years’ experience in the risk management and leadership industries.

David joined the Australian Army and became part of a specialised team where he deployed to East Timor in 1999. After the military contracted to varied private and government organisations in leadership, risk and project roles; he opened his own company that advised on risk management and provided personnel for major projects including; BHPB, Rio Tinto, Multiplex, Police, Australian Elections, and also CHOGM 2011 working with State and Federal Police.

David was born in NZ and returned in 2016 to help manage a major rail transition. He now lives between New Zealand and Australia and assists corporates, government, big four, and also mentors senior leadership teams and SMES.

He brings a unique blend of expertise across diverse areas with a focus on risk management of human behavior – one of the more complex, dynamic and often overlooked areas of the risk and leadership industries.

David Fox, Fox-Risk Consultancy

David Fox, with 20+ years in international project and business risk management, partnered with leading organisations like NZ Post and Mace UK. His practical, people-centric approach fosters a tailored, risk-aware culture.

As founder of Fox-Risk Consultancy, he empowers businesses across the Asia Pacific with enhanced risk-based decision-making capabilities.


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) implies an interdependency between these three disciplines, aimed at better managing risks, incidents, compliance obligations, audits and organisational objectives.

As the business environment has become more volatile and complex in recent years and regulatory requirements continue to increase, organisations are looking for their GRC to work proactively, efficiently and synergistically. This is a challenge for many organisations, as the component parts of GRC are often managed in different areas of the organisation, with separate processes and systems.

Following our blog ‘What Came First, the Incident or the Risk?’ this webinar will cover GRC more broadly and look at what organisation’s can gain from better alignment of their GRC functions. We will discuss how organisations can move from a disconnected position with processes, data and reporting to one that is more integrated and efficient.

The webinar topics include:

· Your organisation and GRC alignment

· Benefits of GRC alignment

· Negative impacts and costs of not having GRC aligned

· Barriers to GRC alignment

· The benefits of GRC software solutions

· The challenges in effectively implementing GRC software